Mammography Technologist

Take breast X-rays to check for tumors.

What does a Mammography Technologist do?

As a mammography technologist, you have to take breasts seriously: Checking for tumors is not all that sexy. You use your technical and medical expertise to take X-rays of women’s breasts and review the resulting images for any abnormalities.

While you do have to be technically minded for a job as a mammography technologist, you also have to be great at making your patients feel comfortable, for obvious reasons. Women have all kinds of feelings about their bodies, and a mammogram is not exactly a pleasant procedure. Your professional, upbeat manner goes a long way in encouraging patients to return regularly for this important test.

Since you perform X-rays every day, there are serious safety procedures to follow and your own exposure to radiation will be carefully monitored; but luckily, mammograms require very low levels of radiation. After taking the X-ray, you either examine the images one by one, or run them through a computer program to determine if any problem areas need further attention.

You can already predict people’s amused and annoying reactions when they find out you work with breasts all day long. Hey, at least they’ll think you’re interesting. But more importantly, you help with early detection of the most common type of cancer among women in the United States.