Mall Manager

Ensure a mall's success by filling it with businesses and customers.

What does a Mall Manager do?

Have you ever wondered who chooses which stores go into a mall? A retail center doesn’t just magically coordinate itself, right? Enter the Mall Manager. As a Mall Manager, you organize and oversee all activities within a retail center, both in the public eye and behind the scenes.

As a mall primarily operates by leasing retail space, your main responsibility as the Mall Manager, is to fill the unoccupied spaces, while also keeping the mall as a whole safe and running smoothly. Daily tasks include coordinating with tenants, executives, and legal Representatives; helping negotiate lease agreements; and procuring all necessary maintenance materials.

If ideas for improvements are stewing in your mind, it’s your job to figure out how to find the money to make it happen. When deciding on expansions or improvements, you have to determine whether the project is realistic as well.

However, the back room negotiating is only part of the job. With large volumes of customers frequenting the mall, handling complaints and resolving safety and compliance issues also fall within your realm of responsibility. Dealing with customers means you have to have great communication skills and be able to think on your feet.