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Male Infertility Specialist

Work with male patients who are having trouble having a child.

What does a Male Infertility Specialist do?

Couples who are having trouble conceiving a baby are a bit like Detectives. They try to determine what’s causing the problem, and then they look for solutions. Often, this means that they must see two sets of Doctors: one for the woman and the other for the man.

A Male Infertility Specialist (obviously) deals with the male. The tests a Male Infertility Specialist runs can provide the couple with the answers they seek, and sometimes, the treatments provided can help the couple produce a baby.

As a Male Infertility Specialist, you place a high value on sperm tests. Some men don’t produce enough sperm, or they produce lazy sperm that can’t reach the goal quickly enough. At the beginning of your appointments, you ask the man to provide you with a sperm sample, giving them enough privacy to complete the task.

While the Laboratory Technician analyzes the sample, you ask the man about the medications he takes, the sports he plays, the clothing he wears, and his history of health problems. Then, you perform an examination and look for physical problems that could cause infertility.

Some problems can be solved with a few simple tips from you. Asking the man to toss out tight underwear, for example, might resolve the issue. Other problems can be treated with medications, and a few of your patients will need surgical procedures.

You handle minor procedures in your office, with the help of your Nurse. More delicate procedures require an appointment at the hospital. Patients return for follow-up visits to give more samples, so you can make sure your treatments resolved the problem.