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Making-Line Worker

Place parts and join seams to assemble rubber footwear articles.

What does a Making-Line Worker do?

Places parts and joins seams to assemble rubber footwear articles as they pass by on lasts on conveyor jacks, performing any combination of following tasks: Places last on conveyor jack. Removes upper from conveyor, wraps around last, and presses back seam at heel to hold upper onto last. Turns or pulls last upright in position for next operation. Joins seams, such as back, toe, pocket, and top, allowing specified margin and pressing seams with fingers to ensure complete union. Removes part from book, frame, board, or stack and adds part to workpiece by fitting and placing in designated location, each worker performing one operation, at successive stations, until article is completed. Aligns parts, using other parts as guides or according to markings stamped on parts or metal form gauges. Swabs dry parts with benzine or naphtha to restore tackiness.