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Makeup Instructor



Share your knowledge of makeup art with students.

What does a Makeup Instructor do?

As a Makeup Instructor, you teach cosmetology students the art of makeup application. You are passionate about cosmetics and have typically spent time in the field as a Makeup Artist, which means your metaphorical makeup bag is filled with all the tricks of the trade. Now, you’ve been hired as a Makeup Instructor to share your expertise and shape future makeup professionals.

You’re artistic and articulate if you’re a Makeup Instructor. Not only are you able to effortlessly apply a retro-meets-modern cat eye, but you’re also able to explain the process to a roomful of students. You know the pros and cons of liquid versus pencil eyeliner, lip stain versus lipstick, and powder versus cream blush. Best of all, you can clearly explain and demonstrate these small yet important distinctions.

There are many directions that your students can take post-graduation, so you must be comfortable teaching a range of techniques and subcategories of makeup artistry. Their future clients could be soccer moms, visiting a department store’s makeup counter during a shopping trip with their girlfriends. They might be Makeup Artists at a salon, handling special occasions like weddings, proms, and even red carpet events. Or, they could be working in film and theater, transforming Actors into everything from bloodsucking vampires to glitzy Burlesque Performers.

You work at a community college or cosmetology school. Like any Instructor, you’re expected to create curriculums, and keep track of attendance and grades. This position gives you the rare opportunity to continue expressing yourself artistically, while also helping to pave the future of the field you love.

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