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Makeup Artist



Beautify clients through makeup.

What does a Makeup Artist do?

When you, as a skilled makeup artist, work your magic on a person, every side becomes their good side. From the smoky-eyed models in photo shoots to the stay-at-home mom taking a day off with her girlfriends, everyone finds herself in need of your artistic skills at some point.

You know your stuff right down to the latest liquid eyeliner tricks and that chartreuse color palette that’s all the rage. Consider yourself one of the great artistic masters. Your makeup applicators and powder puffs are your brushes, and a vast array of shimmery, colored powders comprise your paint. The client, of course, is your canvas.

Makeup artists’ workplaces are as varied as the lipstick colors in your case. They range from salons where you style high-profile clients and prep eager girls for prom, to the sets of TV shows and horror movies. One day, you spend your time prepping a celebrity for a magazine cover shoot, and the next, you’re putting the finishing touches on a truly terrifying cast of zombies.

Few other jobs give you the creative freedom of a makeup artist, or the chance to spend so much time doing what you love. No need to file paperwork or set up your next gig. The clients come to you, and you spend the day working your magic.

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