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Maintenance Technician

Respond to daily requests to replace building fixtures.

What does a Maintenance Technician do?

A maintenance technician is the go-to jack-of-all-trades for a housing division, apartment complex, senior center, children’s home, large business, or other group of buildings that require upkeep.

Depending on the size of the facility, your experience, and the requirements of the job, as a maintenance technician you might do anything from mowing the lawn to building a brand-new structure. Most commonly, however, you take care of the everyday, household chores for residents. You report to the property manager, and are often on call for the emergency busted pipe or toilet malfunction.

In this job you’re on the front lines when it comes to responding to the maintenance needs of each unit, making you a liaison between the resident and property management. In order to organize and relay information, you keep records of what you’ve found, what you’ve done, and what projects still need approval. You also make sure safety precautions are followed and the proper permits are filed if needed.

Your knowledge and the contents of your toolbox are diverse because in the same day you might install new appliances and follow that with touching up the paint on the recreation center. The next day might see you fixing a broken window, replacing light bulbs, or ripping carpet out of a vacant rental. Other common projects include maintenance and repairs on electrical, plumbing, or heating and cooling systems; replacing appliances; making structural changes; and constant upkeep on anything that moves but shouldn’t, or doesn’t move but should.