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Maintenance Supervisor

Oversee the upkeep of a building or complex.

What does a Maintenance Supervisor do?

A maintenance supervisor is in charge of supervising and coordinating repair and maintenance work in a building. You oversee the repair of major building systems and work in commercial and residential buildings.

As a maintenance supervisor, your primary responsibility is to ensure that the physical environment of a building is in safe and adequate condition. This involves checking on building systems such as electrical, heating, plumbing, and air conditioning. Periodic indoor and outdoor checks are made to see if any repairs are needed, or if there are any hazards or spills that need to be addressed. You supervise and coordinate workers to make repairs and complete other tasks. You also organize schedules, hire workers, and evaluate worker performance. As a maintenance supervisor, you investigate any accidents and prepare reports.

Maintenance supervisors should have adequate experience in maintenance planning and repair. You also should have the ability to multi-task and be able to delegate responsibility accordingly. Knowledge of CMMS, a software package that maintains a computer database of information about a company’s maintenance operation, is highly desirable in this position.

A high school diploma is generally required for maintenance supervisors. Certification may or not be necessary.