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Maintenance of Way Superintendent

Plan and coordinate construction and maintenance of railroad right-of-ways.

What does a Maintenance of Way Superintendent do?

Plans and coordinates construction and maintenance of railroad right-of-way: Approves repair and construction projects and assigns work to specified departments. Reviews progress and production charts to ascertain that work is proceeding on schedule. Reviews and authorizes construction and maintenance projects or plans for budget, staff, and equipment requests. Coordinates activities of workers engaged in maintaining right-of-way. Visits sites damaged by wreck, derailment, or natural disaster, and prepares report identifying such factors as amount of damage, repairs to be done, and reasons for derailment or wreck. May consult with public-service agencies to resolve issues of unsafe crossings, bridges, trestles, and installation of additional warning devices. May direct construction and maintenance of buildings and other structures, such as bridges, trestles, and tunnels.