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Maintenance Engineer

Keep your company's machines and equipment running smoothly.

What does a Maintenance Engineer do?

As a maintenance engineer, you make sure that the machinery and equipment of the company you work for are always running smoothly. There are a variety of systems you can work with including mechanical, manufacturing, electrical, production, transportation, hydraulic, pneumatic, or computerized systems. Your most likely job positions will be with manufacturing, production, and engineering companies.

A large part of your job involves servicing, maintaining, and repairing equipment. And if it’s not you who does the actual labor, then you’ll be the one organizing service schedules and assigning workers to the various jobs. You continually check equipment to make sure that it’s running at peak performance, calibrate instruments that need to be tweaked, and make quality control inspections.

If you’re in a management role, then you typically supervise both maintenance engineer fitters and maintenance engineer technicians. The fitters service and repair equipment, while the technicians see the continued maintenance and smooth operation of all the equipment.

You also need communication skills to report to the project managers who want updates, in addition to the team of engineers who work for you. While you do mostly preventative maintenance in this job, you may need to perform some emergency care to a broken-down piece of equipment once in a while. Because of this, it’s also essential that you have the ability to work well under pressure.