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Maintenance Carpenter

Construct and repair structural woodworks and equipment in establishments.

What does a Maintenance Carpenter do?

Constructs and repairs structural woodwork and equipment in establishment, working from blueprints, drawings, or oral instructions: Builds, repairs, and installs counters, cabinets, benches, partitions, floors, doors, building framework, and trim, using carpenter’s handtools and power tools. Installs glass in windows, doors, and partitions. Replaces damaged ceiling tile, floor tile, and wall coverings. May build cabinets and other wooden equipment in carpenter shop, using woodworking machines, such as saws, shaper, and jointer [CABINETMAKER 660.280-010]. May install items, such as window shades, venetian blinds, and curtain rods, wall fans, and door locks for tenants. May be designated according to place at which work is performed as Carpenter, Mine; or according to specific items made or maintained as Flume Maker; Frame Maker; Meat-Cutting-Block Repairer.