Maintainability Engineer

Analyze engineering design of proposed products.

What does a Maintainability Engineer do?

Analyzes engineering design of proposed product, such as aircraft, naval vessel, or electronic control or navigation system, and submits specifications for maintenance requirements, utilizing knowledge of maintainability engineering and related technologies: Analyzes customer’s initial proposal for product utilization and recommends basic product specifications and techniques for satisfying customer requirements. Reviews engineering specifications and drawings during development and proposes design refinements to improve ratio of operational time to maintenance time. Participates in engineering discussions concerning design alternatives effecting product maintainability. Determines crew makeup, training requirements, and maintenance time by evaluating data from tests and maintainability programs of related products. Reviews subcontractor’s technical practices for assuring maintainability of equipment and parts and submits evaluation for management decision. Specifies standardized tests or drafts new test programs for demonstrating product maintainability in company or supplier test. Observes maintainability tests at supplier and plant locations to verify operations are conducted according to standards.