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Main Line Station Engineer

Operate pumping equipment to pump and route petroleum products.

What does a Main Line Station Engineer do?

Operates electric, diesel, gas, or automated pumping equipment to pump and route petroleum products through pipelines at main-line or terminal stations according to instructions and destination: Turns valves and starts engines to pump oil through station. Reads flow and pressure meters, and turns valves to vary pumping rate and line pressure, according to specifications. Turns handwheel or directs GAUGER to open or close pipeline valves to direct flow of oil to storage tanks according to grade; to direct flow of oil through station and along pipeline, according to destination; or to switch oil to alternative pipelines to prevent contamination between grades. Inspects pumping equipment to detect malfunctioning and leaks. Lubricates machinery, and repairs and adjusts pumps and equipment, using handtools. Records pressures, temperature, and flow rates, and maintains records of oil stock and oil receipts. May pump natural gas or natural gas liquid products. May gauge and test oil or direct work of GAUGERS. May use radiotelephone equipment.