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Mailroom Supervisor

Make sure mail sorting policies are followed and mail handled properly.

What does a Mailroom Supervisor do?

Even as technology continues to change the way humans communicate, we still need to send good, old-fashioned mail once in a while. That’s where the Mailroom Supervisor comes in. In this job, you’re in charge of all incoming and outgoing mail at a large company, school, or government agency. From typical correspondence, to official documents and contracts, to parcels and packages, as the Mailroom Supervisor tasked with making sure that everything gets to where it’s supposed to go.

The central hub of activity-the mailroom-is your unique domain, your little kingdom. It’s your royal duty as the Mailroom Supervisor, to monitor your staff, making sure that all official policies are being followed and work is done in an efficient manner. You’re responsible for hiring, training, and maintaining a high-quality mailroom staff.

A good understanding of math is also helpful, as final postage calculations fall under your purview. Finally, in this modern age of uncertainty, you will be called upon to enforce strict security measures. Expect regular training and information updates if you work in a government office, large school, or corporation.

Depending on the type of facility you work in, you can have a large or a small staff. Due to the fact that mail and parcel services mainly operate during the day, you usually work standard daytime hours. Mailrooms come in all shapes and sizes: a large school or corporate campus could have a central hub with a large distribution network that you’d be responsible for administering.

The size of your staff will dictate how flexible you can be with time off and work hours, but expect overtime during periods of peak mail activity. As the Supervisor, the buck stops with you, so you generally have to stick around until the last stamp is licked and the last parcel delivered.