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Mailroom Coordinator

Sort, ship, and distribute mail and packages inside the post office.

What does a Mailroom Coordinator do?

The mailroom is the hub of communications inside a large business, school, or government office. Time and technology march on, but millions of letters, packages, and parcels are still mailed out and received every day. And who helps make sure that all those pieces of mail get to the right people within these larger operations? You-the Mailroom Coordinator-do.

Mailroom Coordinators help process, sort, ship, and distribute incoming and outgoing mail. Being a Mailroom Coordinator is like being an octopus of sorts: you need about a million arms and just as many eyes.

Your workplace is a flurry of activity. You help the Mailroom Supervisor tackle the big picture. You not only get the mail where it needs to be, but also maintain relationships with shipping agencies, coordinate deliveries, and service weighing/measuring devices for postage.

Your daily routine will probably involve some time sorting mail, and following up with customers, clients, and Mail Clerks to make sure that everybody is getting what they need. You are an essential link between the front lines and the Mailroom Supervisor. When things need to happen fast, you spring into action.

This is a challenging and dynamic job. Armed with your experience distributing and collecting mail, as well as your great customer service and communication skills, you face new tests every day.

Individual tasks can be repetitive, and the hours can be long (especially during peak mail periods). But working in the mailroom is a great way to meet people within a company or other workplace, and can open the doors to lot of other jobs. And the sense of satisfaction you get from connecting people via post? Priceless!