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Mail Sorter

Sort all sorts of mail by address and zip code and into corresponding bins.

What does a Mail Sorter do?

Mail gets to the correct mail slot or postal box with the help of an address and zip code. That’s not all it needs though. As a Mail Sorter, you step in to provide the rest. You can work for the U.S Postal Service or an individual business when you’re a Mail Sorter, separating mail and getting it where it needs to go.

You sort mail based on the address written on the envelope. The five to 10 numbers of the zip code tell you which area of the country, state, and city the letter is going. As the Mail Sorter it’s your job to separate mail into different bins, and from there, it is flown to another area of the country, loaded into a truck and moved to another state, or slid into a Mail Carrier ‘s bag and walked to its destination.

You can also separate mail by simply reading the addresses, though this type of separation works best once you have a letter close to its final destination (like in the right city and correct neighborhood mail center). Otherwise, it makes more sense to do things based on the numbers of a zip code. Today, there are machines that automatically sort mail. With these machines, your role is to load letters, watch over the machine as it does its job, and fix any problems that arise.

In a company’s mailroom, your primary duties are to sort internal mail. This simply means you read the name and floor level on the front, then take the letter there.