Mail Processing Equipment Mechanic

Repair and maintain mail-processing equipment.

What does a Mail Processing Equipment Mechanic do?

Repairs and maintains mail-processing equipment, such as letter-canceling machines, letter-facing-and-canceling machines, mail-sorting machines, and conveyor systems, following blueprints and schematic diagrams, using handtools, power tools, and electrical testing instruments: Inspects machine to locate causes of trouble, using ammeters, ohmmeters, relay testers, and other testing instruments. Dismantles machine, using handtools and power tools. Repairs wiring circuits and replaces parts, such as relays, resistors, condensers, and rheostats in electrical systems, using handtools. Repairs and replaces parts, such as gears and bearings in mechanical systems, using handtools. Reassembles and starts machines to test performances. Dismantles conveyor systems, using handtools. Repairs or replaces defective parts and reassembles conveyors. May repair hydraulic and pneumatic systems.