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Mail Clerk

Collect and sort incoming mail and distribute it to the intended recipients.

What does a Mail Clerk do?

Mail clerks are employed by organizations to sort, distribute, and deliver incoming and outgoing mail. You may sort mail manually, or use a sorting machine depending on the volume and type of mail.

As a mail clerk, you stamp and sort incoming mail such as bills, returned letters, orders, and payments and put them in proper buckets for delivery. You collect outbound mail, determine postage and stamps, arrange for outbound pickup, record registered mail, and ensure adequate supplies are in place in the office.

Mailroom clerks interact with customers to make sure mail goes to the right address; thus, strong communication is essential to this job. Finger dexterity and organizational skills to sort large volumes of mail, good hand-eye coordination, physical stamina to be on your feet, and the strength to carry and deliver heavy packages are also important skills. You also need good eyesight to read addresses, the skill to focus on your job, and communication skills to work as part of a team.

A high school diploma or GED and the willingness to learn on the job are typically the requirements for this position.