Mail Censor

Black out sensitive information in letters.

What does a Mail Censor do?

As a Mail Censor, you inspect the correspondence of inmates to ensure compliance with security rules. You spend your day opening and carefully inspecting both incoming and outgoing mail. Sometimes when you’re a Mail Censor, it might feel like you’re invading someone’s privacy, but your work actually helps keep the prison safe for inmates and Prison Guards alike.

You start your workday as a Mail Censor by inspecting all outgoing mail. Though there’s little chance of an inmate sending a prohibited item out of the prison, you still have to read their letters to make sure they aren’t hatching plans of breaking out or doing other illegal activities. But it’s the incoming mail that requires a fine-tooth comb. You read incoming letters for the same reasons you read outgoing ones, but you’re extra vigilant because there’s the added danger of inmates receiving forbidden materials.

You thoroughly examine packages for weapons, drugs, and other contraband items such as money. Weapons and drugs are impounded and reported to authorities, while money is recorded and forwarded to the security office to be kept until the inmate’s departure day, or returned to the sender. Inmates suspected of bad behavior face extra scrutiny by you and may not be allowed to correspond with certain contacts. Also, if you read something that you believe the inmate shouldn’t know about, you determine whether or not to share the information.