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Magnetic Tape Winder

Tend machines that wind magnetic tapes into reels or cassette hubs.

What does a Magnetic Tape Winder do?

Tends machines that wind magnetic tape into reels or cassette hubs for use in communication and control equipment, instruments, and computers: Positions tape supply reels or cassette hubs on letoff and windup spindles of tape winding machines. Loops tape from supply reels through machine guides and into blank reels or hubs. Turns knob of footage counter devices that automatically cut tape and stop machines when specified length of tape has been wound into blank reels or hubs. Pushes switches to start individual machines and removes wound reels or hubs when machines stop. Scrapes detected surface defects from tape with knife. Splices tape ends together to form continuous loops in cassettes, using bench splicer. Inserts filled and blank hubs into cassettes and attaches covers. Packs reels and cassettes into containers and labels containers for shipment.