Magnet Valve Assembler

Fit together bushings, needle valves, springs, and washers into housing.

What does a Magnet Valve Assembler do?

Fits together bushings, needle valve, springs, washers, and coil into housing to assemble electromagnet valves used to control flow of liquids or gases in diesel equipment: Presses washer-type ring over needle stem to assemble valve stem. Slides collar over stem and turns one-fourth turn to seat ring. Clamps valve stem in fixture and inserts needle valve and spring. Adjusts setscrew to hold needle valve in specified position shown on dial indicator. Inserts assembled valve stem into housing and plugs with bottle cap to hold in position temporarily. Clamps housing in holding fixture, removes bottle cap, and seats brass bushing in opening in valve housing around valve stem, using special tool and hammer. Dips plastic washer and bottom of magnet coil into varnish to form insulation between coil and housing. Wraps coil in paper and bolts and screws coil, springs, and washers, to inside of housing, using ratchet wrench and screwdriver.