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Perform astounding acts of illusion for audiences.

What does a Magician do?

Magicians, or Illusionists, are entertainers. They don’t do real “magic” — as in casting spells, like mythical witches, wizards, or warlocks — but rather magic tricks and illusions, which they perform for audiences.

If you’d rather spend your days pulling rabbits out of hats and sawing people in half instead of reading emails, writing memos, and attending meetings, you might have a future as a Magician. In that case, your magic words won’t be “profits” and “ROI,” but rather “abracadabra” and “alacazam.”

As a Magician, you perform your magic in one of several venues. You might be a headliner in your own show at a theater, or one of several acts in a variety show. Or, you might be employed by an entertainment company that sends you to gigs at schools, special events, parties, and trade shows. You might even be a self-employed Street Performer who does magic for the public outdoors at fairs, boardwalks, or malls.

No matter where you do it and for whom, your magic typically includes sleight of hand, mind reading, and illusions, which frequently involve manipulating cards, coins, and other props to the amazement of onlookers. You might make the unbendable appear to bend, for instance, the visible appear to be invisible, and the unknowable seem knowable.

Of course, your job requires more than magic tricks. It also requires tremendous showmanship and perfect people skills, as even the most amazing tricks fall flat in the hands of un-entertaining and un-engaging Magicians.

Although you’re no Harry Potter, at the end of the day, you’re a much better brand of “Harry”: Harry Houdini!