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Magazine Repairer

Tend saddle-stitching machines to repair salvable magazines or comic books.

What does a Magazine Repairer do?

Tends saddle-stitching machine to repair salvable magazines, comic books, or catalogs in bindery: Picks up book from supply on worktable, opens book, and places book in tentlike position over fixture of wire-stitching machine. Examines book to determine location of missing stitch, and positions book under stitching head. Depresses pedal to start machine and insert missing stitch. Stacks stitched book on worktable for removal. Examines wrinkled, creased, or dog-eared pages and cover sheets and separates sheets judged to be salvable and discards remainder of sheets. Rolls and bends sheets and smooths with hands and fingers to remove wrinkles and creases. Folds repaired sheets by hand and stacks sheets to be returned to binding machines. Keeps daily production records.