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Macroeconomics Professor

Teach university students about macroeconomics.

What does a Macroeconomics Professor do?

As a Macroeconomics Professor, you’re an expert in the field of economics, with an emphasis on the study of the economy on a global level. It’s your job as a Macroeconomics Professor to watch the markets worldwide, figure out business cycles, and have your finger on the pulse of market shifts. You keep tabs on just about any product that trades internationally, on a large scale-such as oil, gas, and lumber.

But when you’re a Macroeconomics Professor, you are first and foremost a Teacher, and the information you glean, you pass along to your students. Your goal is to educate them about economics on a grand scale.

As a result, they learn how to deal internationally, and become knowledgeable about foreign laws and tariffs. They also learn how to do research in business journals and bank publications. Additionally, they grasp the importance of studying global prices, and acquire the skills they’ll need to advise their future corporate clients.

Because you’re a Professor, you have other tasks apart from the study of macroeconomics. For example, you participate in administrative work with your fellow Professors, attend meetings, and hold office hours. You also write a certain amount of published journal entries, papers, and op-eds throughout the year.

This pads your income, as Professors don’t make that much. So apart from your school responsibilities, you might work part-time for an economics advising firm, though that stint would probably last only as long as your summer break.