Machine Washer

Tend machines that wash commercial, industrial, or household articles.

What does a Machine Washer do?

Tends one or more machines that wash commercial, industrial, or household articles, such as garments, blankets, curtains, draperies, fine linens, and rags: Loads, or directs workers engaged in loading, machine with articles requiring identical treatment. Starts machine and turns valves to admit specified amounts of soap, detergent, water, bluing, and bleach. Adds starch to loads of such articles as curtains or linens, when bell signal indicates that washing cycle is completed. Removes, or directs workers in removing, articles from washer and into handtrucks or extractors. May wash delicate fabrics by hand. May mix solutions, such as bleach, bluing, or starch, and apply them to articles before or after washing to remove color or improve appearance. May spot-clean articles, before washing, to remove heavy stains. May sterilize items. May hang curtains, draperies, or blankets on stretch-frames to dry. May brush blankets, or feed blankets into carding machine, to raise and fluff nap. May pull trousers over heated metal forms to dry and stretch legs. May load and remove articles from extractor or drier by hand or hoist, using metal basket or cord mesh bag. May tend semiautomatic or computer-controlled washing machines that automatically select water levels, temperature, cleaning additives, and wash cycle according to type of articles to be laundered. May tend machines that dry articles. When washing contaminated laundry from hospital isolation wards, may be designated Isolation-Washer. May be designated according to type of articles washed as Flatwork Washer; Overall Washer; Rag Washer; Washer, Blanket.