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Machine Trimmer II

Operate machines to trim flashes from molded rubber heels or soles.

What does a Machine Trimmer II do?

Operates machine to trim flash from molded rubber heels, soles, or arch cushions or from tops of rubber footwear: Starts machine and positions edge of workpiece on feed roller beneath cutter guard. Holds and turns workpiece against guard, presenting all edges to reciprocating or rotating blade to remove excess material. Depresses pedal to raise guard so that seams will not be jagged or torn. Turns setscrews to adjust height of guard to thickness of material processed and to replace dull blades. May trim heels by setting them on base plate and turning heels by hand against matching circular knives. May be designated according to material trimmed as Cushion Trimmer; Heel Trimmer II; Sole Trimmer; Top Trimmer II.