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Machine Trimmer I

Tend machines that trim edges of shoe parts to remove excess materials.

What does a Machine Trimmer I do?

Tends machine that trims edges of shoe parts, such as heels, outsoles, or uppers to remove excess material: Turns knobs or setscrews to adjust guides and cutting blade as specified. Holds part against machine guide and presses it against cutter to be trimmed. May depress pedal that raises guide plate to move part into cutter. May be designated according to area or part of shoe trimmed as Heel-Seat Trimmer; Heel Trimmer I; Top-Lift Trimmer; Top Trimmer I. May be designated: Apron Trimmer; Boot Trimmer; Cut-Out Worker; Rolled-Seat Trimmer; Seat Trimmer; Upper Trimmer. Important variables may be indicated by trade names of machines used.