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Machine Stamper

Set up and operate machines to stamp designs on porcelain flatware.

What does a Machine Stamper do?

Sets up and operates machine to stamp designs on pottery and porcelain flatware: Clamps ware mold in machine. Observes gauges and moves levers to adjust machine pressure, according to size of ware and pattern to be stamped on ware. Aligns design stamp on bed or head of machine and adjusts guide bars. Stirs premixed ink on pallet and applies ink on stamp with inking pad or fills reservoir of mechanical inking device with color glaze. Positions and clamps ware in head of press, places ware in holding device of stamp fixture, or positions ware over vacuum holding device on bed of press. Positions stamp for transferring design onto ware, using guide bars. Depresses pedal to lower head of press and stamp design on ware. Removes ware from bed of machine. Inspects design and discards ware with defective printing. Rubs ware with abrasive stone to remove ink spots or excess glaze.