Machine Spreader

Tend machines that spread cloths on table to prepare cloths for cutting.

What does a Machine Spreader do?

Tends machine that spreads cloth in successive layers on table to prepare cloth for cutting: Positions bolt of cloth on carriage of machine, turns handle to align edge of cloth with marks on table, threads cloth end through feed rollers, and clamps cloth to end of table. Starts machine that automatically spreads cloth in even layers as it moves back and forth over table, or pushes machine along track over cutting table. Inspects cloth as it is spread to detect defects, such as dye shadings and holes. Cuts out defects with hand shears. Laps ends of cloth at points marked on table. Straightens edges and smooths layers of cloth with hands. Turns handwheel to adjust feeding mechanism of machine according to weight of cloth. Cuts cloth from roll, using hand shears. May mark pattern outlines on top ply of cloth [MARKER I 781.384-014]. May cut spread cloth [CUTTER, MACHINE I 781.684-014].