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Machine Splitter

Tend machines that split leather or shoe parts to reduce parts.

What does a Machine Splitter do?

Tends machine that splits leather or shoe parts to reduce parts to uniform thickness or to cut parts into two or more layers, by any of following methods: Feeds part between rollers that force part against blade. Positions part against machine guides and depresses pedal to force splitting blade against part. Holds part against guide and horizontal band-blade. Turns setscrews or handwheels to adjust blade or rollers as specified. Verifies thickness of parts with specifications, using gauge. May sharpen machine blades. May be designated according to parts split as Ball-Point Splitter; Heel-Cover Splitter; Heel splitter; Heel-Top-Lift Splitter; Insole-And-Outsole Splitter; Sole Splitter. May be designated according to machine tended as Band Splitter.