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Machine Skiver

Tend skiving machines that bevel edges of shoe parts to prevent ridges.

What does a Machine Skiver do?

Tends skiving machine that bevels edges of shoe parts to prevent ridges at stitched, cemented, or folded edges: Depresses pedal to start machine. Holds and guides part against guide and between feed rollers that force edges of part against blade. Turns setscrews to adjust feed rollers, guides, and blade angle to specifications. Verifies width and thickness of beveled edges, using micrometer. May use pedal to regulate speed of rollers along curved, straight, or angled edges of part or to change incline of rollers and alter width and thickness of bevel. May tend machines that roughen edges prior to cementing or skive narrow parts, such as straps and backstraps. May be designated according to parts skived as Skiver, Counter; Skiver, Tuck. May be designated: Skiver, Box-Toe; Skiver, Flare; Skiver, Heel Tap; Skiver, Sock Linings; Skiver, Uppers Or Linings; Skiver, Welt-End. Important variables may be indicated by trade names of machines used.