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Machine Sign Writer

Set up and operate sign printing machines to print store display cards.

What does a Machine Sign Writer do?

Sets up and operates sign printing machines to print store display cards and signs, according to size and quantity of signs ordered, using either of following methods: Clamps cardboard on base of machine that prints letters one at a time. Pushes lever to position type case over cardboard. Pulls lever to depress plunger that prints letter on cardboard. Chooses type style, positions letters in composing stick, and clamps it on bed of manual platen press that prints sign in one operation. Selects and mixes color of poster paint, and applies paint to type, using roller. Inserts cardboard into holding clamps of press, and pulls carriage to end of press bed. Depresses pedal to lower cylinders against cardboard and type to print sign. May lay out display signs that include photographs or merchandising samples. May use chemicals and heat to produce embossed signs.