Machine Setter and Repairer

Set up and repair a variety of plastic fabricating machines.

What does a Machine Setter and Repairer do?

Sets up and repairs variety of plastic fabricating machines that weld and assemble components into plastic products and print decorative logos onto products: Mounts, aligns, and bolts fixtures, dies, and welding heads onto plastic fabricating machines, such as hot-stamping, silk screening, ultrasonic welding, and automatic assembling and stamping machines, following verbal instructions and using variety of wrenches. Turns knobs or dials to set controls, such as pneumatic stamping pressure, dwell time, conveyor speed, and ram and horizontal stroke of machines. Positions rolls of foil onto feed reels and threads foil around guides onto takeup reels to secure foil on machines. Starts machines to obtain sample products, and examines samples for production defects. Readjusts machine controls or realigns dies or fixtures as necessary to correct detected defects in products, utilizing knowledge and experience of machine operations. Examines moving machine parts during production operations and removes and replaces worn and frayed machine parts as needed to ensure that machines function smoothly. May fabricate replacement dies, using bandsaw, knife, hand file, and drill press.