Machine Scallop Cutter

Tend machines that cut lengths of embroidered fabric into scalloped strips.

What does a Machine Scallop Cutter do?

Tends machine that cuts lengths or belts of embroidered fabric into scalloped strips for use as decorative trimming: Inserts blade in machine head and turns setscrews to raise or lower blade, according to thickness of fabric. Places fabric on machine table, aligns prestitched line on fabric with edge of blade, and sets machine guide according to fabric alignment. Starts machine and observes flow of fabric to detect damage and irregular scalloping as fabric passes under blade. Replaces blade or adjusts height of blade to restore scalloping to specifications. Positions fabric for subsequent runs through machine and repeats process until fabric has been cut into specified number of scalloped strips. Lubricates machine. May sharpen blades.