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Machine Sander

Operate sanding machines to smooth surfaces and edges of furniture parts.

What does a Machine Sander do?

Operates one or more sanding machines equipped with sanding belts or sanding heads, such as disks, drums, spools, or brushes mounted on vertical or horizontal spindles to smooth surfaces and edges of hand held wooden parts, boards, or furniture parts: Turns handwheels to adjust tension of sanding belt or to adjust height or angle of table or spindle. Presses button or switch to start machine. Holds and turns stock by hand against sanding head or belt or places stock on table or in jig and pushes stock back and forth against sanding head or belt, until rough surfaces and edges of stock are smooth. Examines and feels stock to verify smoothness. Replaces worn sandpaper belts or sandpaper on sanding heads, using handtools. May cut sandpaper to designated size and shape prior to replacement on machine, using scissors. May select and mount sanding head on spindle according to shape of article to be sanded, using screwdriver or wrench. May be designated according to type of machine operated as Belt Sander; Spindle Sander; according to type sanding head used as Brush Sander; Disk Sander; Pneumatic-Drum Sander; Spool Sander; or according to area of article sanded as Edge Sander.