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Machine Rug Cleaner

Operate machines that wash, rinse, and partially dry rugs and carpets.

What does a Machine Rug Cleaner do?

Operates machine that washes, rinses, and partially dries rugs and carpets: Starts machine, and turns valves to admit cleaning solutions and water. Feels rug to determine end to be fed into machine to retain natural lay of pile. Fastens edge of rug to pins on conveyor bar and guides rug into machine. Sprinkles chemical solutions on stained area to dissolve stains. Moves levers or turns handwheels to regulate roller clearance, sprayer, water force, and speed of machine to avoid damage to rugs. May soap and scrub rugs requiring special attention, using portable scrubber prior to cleaning in machine. May sort rugs according to pile before cleaning. May turn valve handle to regulate heat when machine is drier equipped. May sew rugs end-to-end, using rail-mounted sewing machine and portable sewing machine to obtain continuous rug lengths for processing through machine. May load and push handtruck to transport rugs within plant.