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Machine Pie Maker

Perform duties on pie-machine conveyor lines.

What does a Machine Pie Maker do?

Performs any combination of following duties on pie-machine conveyor line: Loads dough into hopper of pie-dough scaling machine. Turns hand lever to adjust scaling cylinder of machine to produce lumps of dough of prescribed size. Removes lumps of dough deposited from scaling machine and places them in dough-rolling-machine hopper. Turns hand lever to adjust rollers of machine to produce dough disks of desired thickness, catches dough emerging from first set of rollers, and drops dough into second set of rollers. Catches dough emerging from rolling machine and places it in piepan as it moves on conveyor. Dumps pie filling from container into hopper of filling machine, using hoist. Observes pies being filled and adjusts mechanism to regulate feed of filling or fills pies by hand. Catches dough emerging from rolling machine and places it over filled pies. Perforates pie covers to identify filling, using hand stamp. Inserts pan containing pie in pie-crimping machine and depresses pedal to crimp and seal perimeter of pie. Trims excess dough from pie with knife. May be designated according to phase of operation performed as Pie Bottomer; Pie-Crimping-Machine Operator; Pie-Dough Roller; Pie Filler; Pie Topper.