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Machine Package Sealer

Tend machines that seal filled cardboard boxes, cartons, or plastic bags.

What does a Machine Package Sealer do?

Tends machines that seal filled cardboard boxes, cartons, paper, cellophane, or plastic bags: Fills glue and water reservoir. Inserts rolls of paper tape into holders. Starts sealing machine and observes operation to detect faulty sealing and prevent conveyor jamming. Feeds cartons into machine and removes cartons from discharge conveyor. Feeds filled cellophane or glassine bags into machine that heats and seals top of bag. May adjust holding guides and conveyor line tripping mechanism that regulates movement of carton through gluing and flap-turning mechanism. May pack containers. May stamp identifying data on carton. May inspect contents of package to verify size, color, or brand of article. May be designated according to product packaged as Cigarette-Carton Sealer; type of machine operated as Box-Sealing-Machine Catcher; Hot-Sealing-Machine Operator; or task performed as Box-Sealing-Machine Feeder.