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Machine Operator

Use heavy equipment for production purposes.

What does a Machine Operator do?

A machine operator, also referred to as machinist or tool and die maker, works with heavy equipment used in the manufacturing of smaller production equipment and other utility products.

Many people in this position work with computer-controlled equipment, while others use mechanically-based machines. Machine operators monitor their machines to ensure full working capabilities, read blueprint layouts, stock needed materials, and maintain the machines with periodic check-ups. Some workers use different equipment for each product with a variety of different steps, while other operators are responsible for only one function.

Machine operators must strictly adhere to job specifications and ensure the highest quality work. Machine operators typical report to a supervisor.

Skills and abilities include handling heavy equipment, reading and understanding technical manuals, multi-tasking, working independently and in teams, good communication, and sound knowledge of mechanical devices.

Most employers prefer a high school diploma and significant on-the-job training.