Machine Operator II

Tend fabricating machines that cut, shape, and bend metal plates.

What does a Machine Operator II do?

Tends fabricating machines, such as cutoff saws, shears, rolls, brakes, presses, forming machines, spinning machines, and punch, that cut, shape, and bend metal plates, sheets, tubes, and structures: Reads job specifications to determine machine adjustments and material requirements. Sets stops or guides to specified length as indicated by scale, rule, or template. Positions workpiece against stops, manually or using hoist, or aligns layout marks with die or blade. Pushes button or depresses pedal to activate machine. Observes machine operation to detect workpiece defects or machine malfunction. Measures workpiece dimensions, using rule, template, or other measuring instruments to determine accuracy of machine operation. Removes burrs, sharp edges, rust, or scale from workpiece, using file, hand grinder, or wire brush. Performs minor machine maintenance, such as oiling machines, dies, or workpieces. Assists machine operators to set up machine, and stack, mark, pack, and transport finished workpieces. May rivet and spot-weld workpieces. May tend machines that fabricate and assemble sheet metal products and be designated Sheet-Metal Production Worker.