Machine Molder

Operate molding machines to form sand molds.

What does a Machine Molder do?

Operates molding machine to form sand molds used in production of metal castings: Assembles flask, pattern, and follow board on molding table of machine. Sifts sand over pattern, using riddle, and fills flask with sand by opening hopper or using shovel. Packs sand around pattern contours, using ramming tool or pneumatic hammer. Starts machine that compacts sand in flask to form mold. Cuts pouring spout and vents in mold, using sprue cutter and wire. Lifts cope half of flask off drag half and removes pattern. Cleans cavity of mold, using airhose. Positions cores in drag, and assembles cope and drag. May set cores in mold cavity. May install pattern on bed of machine, and adjust pressure of ram. May be designated by machine operated as Machine Molder, Roll-Over; Machine Molder, Squeeze; or product molded as Molder, Fitting.