Machine Lead Burner

Set up and operate rotary lead-burning machines to fuse straps.

What does a Machine Lead Burner do?

Sets up and operates rotary lead-burning machine to fuse straps to grouped plates to form storage battery elements: Adjusts machine fixtures and torch, according to size of grouped plates, using handtools. Observes pressure gauge, ignites torch, turns gas and air valves to set flame of specified size and color, and starts machine. Visually inspects fused elements for lead runs, and defective plates and separators. Places specified number of elements in battery box in prescribed position, using shims when necessary. Directs workers engaged in machine stacking of plates, loading groups into machine, and fitting straps to lugs prior to fusing. Inspects materials prior to grouping for specified size and type. Directs or performs adjustment of feeding mechanisms and electric counter on stacking machine, using handtools. May operate two-station lead-burning machines.