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Machine Joiner Cementer

Tend pressing machines that join pre-cemented shoe parts.

What does a Machine Joiner Cementer do?

Tends one of various pressing machines that join precemented shoe parts, performing any of following tasks: Turns setscrew that adjusts distance between pressure rollers, feeds aligned parts between rollers, and observes joining of parts. Positions parts on machine bed and depresses pedal that forces heated presser head against parts to join them. Moves lever that adjusts contour of pad on lower jaw of machine or changes pad, following contour of parts to be joined. Positions parts on pad and depresses pedal that closes jaws to join parts. Positions cemented parts on shoe and places shoe in oven to soften cement. Positions shoe parts on bed of machine and moves lever to start machine that presses and cements parts. May bound toe and shank area of shoe to improve adhesion or waterproofing strip to inner and outer sole parts, using hammer. May brush solvent on precemented parts to soften cement prior to joining parts. May apply cement to parts. May be designated according to parts joined as Insole Coverer; Insole-Lip Turner; Platform Presser; Sole Layer. May tend machine that uses conveyor-carried air inflated pads to join precemented parts and be designated Compo-Conveyor Operator. May be designated: Heel Layer; Insole Taper; Open-Shank Coverer; Welt-Sole Layer.