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Machine Hoop Maker

Operate machines to make barrel hoops from strap steels.

What does a Machine Hoop Maker do?

Operates machines to make barrel hoops from strap steel: Installs and adjusts rollers, punches, and shear plates in hoop-punch-and-coiler machines, using wrenches. Places roll of strap steel on spindle, inserts end in feed rollers and starts machine. Removes punched and coiled hoops. Aligns holes in ends of coiled hoops on shank of rivets in guide slots of riveting machine. Slides hoop with protruding rivets under reciprocating hammer that flattens rivet shanks. Places hoop over mandrel of hoop-flaring machine and moves leg control to expand jaws that flare hoop to conform to shape of barrel. May be designated according to machine operated as Hoop-Flaring-Machine Operator; Hoop-Punch-And-Coiler Operator; Hoop-Riveting Machine Operator.