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Machine Helper

Assist workers in operating metal fabricating machines.

What does a Machine Helper do?

Assists workers in operating metal fabricating machines, performing any of following tasks: Lifts, moves, clamps, and bolts dies and fixtures on machines, using handtools. Fills tanks and oil cups with lubricants. Helps lift and position workpieces. Brushes or blows dirt from dies, using airhose. Removes workpiece and scrap from machines, using conveyor, pallets or handtruck. Files, grinds, or scrapes sharp edges, burrs, scales, or rust from workpieces, using portable grinder or handtools. Hammers out bent or warped spots in metal. Sorts, marks, or tags finished work. Transports material, using jib or hoist, or signals crane operator to move material. Cleans machine. Compares workpiece with straightedge or template to verify conformance to specifications. May place workpieces into heating furnace or preheat workpieces, using hand torch. May clean dies, using cleaning solution, brushes, and rag. Performs other duties described under HELPER Master Title. May be designated according to machine assigned as Bending-Machine-Operator Helper; Brake-Operator Helper; Hoop-Punch-Operator Helper; Punch-Press-Operator Helper. May be designated: Roll-Operator Helper; Shear-Operator Helper; Slitting-Machine-Operator Helper II; Straightening-Press-Operator Helper.