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Machine Featheredger and Reducer

Tend machines that shave shanks, heel seats, or edges of shoe outsoles.

What does a Machine Featheredger and Reducer do?

Tends machine that shaves shank, heel seat, forepart, or edges of shoe outsole to reduce thickness and increase flexibility of outsole by any of following methods: Feeds edge of outsole against guide and between rollers that force edge against machine blade. Turns crank to regulate speed of rollers along curved edges. May depress pedal to separate rollers to accommodate thickness of outsole. Positions specified die rollers on machine shaft. Positions outsoles against guides on machine bed. Depresses pedal that starts rollers that force shank, heel seat, forepart, or edges of outsole against machine blade. Turns handwheel to set cutting gauge according to outsole size. May reduce thickness of insoles at edges. May be designated according to part of outsole reduced or beveled as Heel Reducer; Shank Beveler.