Machine Edge Bander

Tend machines that glue veneer bands to edges of case tops.

What does a Machine Edge Bander do?

Tends machine that glues veneer bands to edges of case tops, tabletops, and plywood panels, using either of following methods: Pours glue in reservoir of banding machine. Places stack of veneer strips in feed chutes. Adjusts conveyor and trimming saws to width and thickness of panels or tops to be banded. Starts machine and feeds stock into machine that applies glue to edges of stock, pulls veneer strips from feed chute onto edges, dries glue on heated plates, and trims strips flush with edges. Regulates speed of belts that convey stock through machine. Sets temperature control to regulate heat of drying plates. Brushes glue on edges of panels or tops. Adjusts stop on bander machine to width of stock. Sets dial on temperature gauge to heat ram and stop according to thickness of stock. Aligns stock and veneer strips between ram and stop. Depresses pedal to activate ram that presses stock against stop and bonds veneer strips to edges of stock. Places stock on worktable for edge trimming and sanding. May mix glue.