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Machine Driller

Set up and operate self-propelled or truck-mounted drilling machines.

What does a Machine Driller do?

Sets up and operates self-propelled or truck-mounted drilling machine to bore blasting holes in overburden at strip mine, open pit, quarry, or construction site: Positions and stabilizes machine, using jacks, and lowers drill shaft into position. Moves levers to start and advance drill into overburden, ore, or rock formation. Stops drill to install additional drill stems. Observes operation to detect binding or stoppage of drill. Removes drill when specified depth has been reached. Replaces broken or worn parts, using handtools, and lubricates equipment. May charge and set off explosives in blasting holes. May be assisted by DRILLER HELPER. May be designated according to type of drill operated as Tractor-Drill Operator; Rotary-Drill Operator; Wagon-Drill Operator.