Machine Deicer-Element Winder

Tend machines that form electric heating elements for airplane deicers.

What does a Machine Deicer-Element Winder do?

Tends machine that winds wire onto drum to form electric heating elements for airplane deicers: Aligns and tapes precut sheet of fabric on drum of machine. Determines location of element parts on fabric and length of element wires, using template. Tapes braided wire connections and solders strips to fabric in specified locations. Brushes rubber cement on fabric, and threads wire into machine. Turns dials to adjust machine that crimps and spaces element wires during winding, and starts machine. Cuts element wires to specified length and tapes ends of wires to fabric. Verifies length and spacing of element wires with rule. Counts number of wires specified for sections of element, and pulls off excess wires. Solders parts, such as bus bars and braided connections to element wires, using soldering iron. Cuts fabric, containing formed element, from drum of machine, using scissors, and lays element on stockrack.