Machine Cutter II

Tend machines that cut materials.

What does a Machine Cutter II do?

Tends machine that cuts materials, such as braid, cardboard, cloth, felt, leather, ribbon, roofing paper, strands of wire, or tape to specified dimensions, by any of following methods: Spaces guide or stop gauge along calibrated scale of cutting table according to length of cut specified and tightens setscrew to secure guide or gauge in position. Stacks single or multiple layers of material on cutting table with edges against stop gauge or pulls material across cutting table to guide. Lowers lever-type blade by hand to cut material. Spaces stop gauge along calibrated scale, according to length of cut specified, and tightens setscrew to secure gauge in position. Places single or multiple layers of material on bed of machine with edges against stop gauge or moves lever to advance material in bed of machine against stop gauge. Depresses pedal to activate lever-type-blade that lowers and cuts material. May tend machine that trims excess material or irregular edges from variety of materials or garment and shoe parts. Mounts roll of material on shaft or positions container of flat folded material at feed end of machine. Threads end of material through guides and automatic feeding device. Turns setscrew to regulate feeding device according to length of cut specified. Starts machine that automatically feeds material under lever-type blade and cuts material into lengths. Stacks lengths of material on table or in handtruck. May change blade, using handtools. When cutting materials for use in making rubber stamp pads, is designated Guillotine Operator. When trimming feathers for use in making shuttlecocks, is designated Shuttlecock-Feather Trimmer. May be designated according to material or article cut or trimmed as Belt-Loop Cutter; Collar Trimmer; Sample Cutter. May be designated: Band Cutter; Belt Cutter; Braid Cutter; Elastic Cutter; Foil Cutter; Hose-Suspender Cutter; Label Cutter; Piping Blocker; Ribbon Cutter I; Strap Cutter; Tape Cutter; Toppiece Chopper.